Bright Futures council event was a success!

On January 11th, Bright Futures held a council event at the MSSU Ballroom to thank, honor, share, and collaborate with members of all of the Bright Futures Councils.  Those in attendance were able to hear ideas not only from other council members in the Joplin community, but also from members of Bright Futures affiliate communities in Webb City, Carl Junction, Neosho and Harrisonville.  Stories of success and ideas for improvement were talked about in-depth.

The star of the event was Carrie Caruthers, who shared her powerful story of growing up in a family with poverty and abuse.  She told her story from the eyes of child who, thanks to some caring community members, was helped and ultimately rescued from a heartbreaking situation.  Her story impacted every attendee and portrayed a message of hope to those serving on our councils.  These council members are the same types of people that helped Carrie overcome circumstances that were out of her control.  Carrie is now a successful business woman who is helping implement Bright Futures in Harrisonville, Missouri.

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