Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bright Futures? Bright Futures is a model of support and communication that allows communities and schools to identify student needs and match those needs with existing resources in the community.

Is Bright FutuPreemieCrocheting2res another social services program? No. In fact the community leaders who have been a part of developing this program have worked hard to make sure it is not. Bright Futures is unique in that it does meet basic needs, but connects families to other agencies that can provide the sustainable support they need.

How are kids needs met? Our goal is to be the 911 of meeting a child’s basic needs within 24 hours of identification of that need. We have been highly successful in creating a rapid response system that meets a child’s need in that 24-hour goal.  We utilize the Donation Center which receives the donations from the community, Bright Futures Joplin Site Council Partners, and social networking.

Will parents who abuse the system now take advantage of the program? We can’t guarantee that won’t happen from time to time. However, we have found that because the referrals come from school staff, we have a good sense of what the real issues are with the families who need our support.

If you meet a child’s basic need today, what prevents that same issue from resurfacing again tomorrow? Fortunately, we don’t just stop at meeting that child’s basic need. We ask the right questions so we can get a clear picture of the underlying issues that created the situation resulting in our student’s needs not being met.  Then we can refer the family to the correct agency.

So many of these kids come from difficult situations,  how do you prevent the draining of community resources? The Bright Futures Joplin effort has energized the community and has uncovered new resources that didn’t previously exist. As one principal put it, “Money can’t buy what our kids need.” This is so true. What these kids need is relationships…and lots of them. Community members are stepping up in grand fashion to serve as positive role models for these kids in a variety of capacities.

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How do you sustain such a massive initiative?  First we shine a light on the challenges and opportunities in our schools on a regular basis. This is crucial from a sustainability standpoint. Additionally, we work to identify and provide solutions to those problems in order to help students have a healthy and productive educational career.

How can I get involved? Contact Dale Peterson with the Joplin Schools at 417-625-5200 ext. 2031, or click here.