The Bright Futures PALS program pairs a caring adult with an elementary student who needs a positive role model in his/her life. As a PAL, you have a great opportunity to invest in the life of a child who needs a little extra support

The program is simple: adult volunteers commit to having lunch with a student once a week for 30 minutes. After lunch there is time (if you choose) to read a book, play a board game, or just talk. The one-on-one relationship that develops between the student and adult often makes a profound difference in a child’s life.

The Bright Futures PALS program gives adults a chance to make a difference in Joplin’s future by volunteering at a local school and getting to know the children of our community. Click here to sign up.

PALS volunteer testimonials:

IMG_1543“Things with my lunch Pal have been going great!!  My little girl practically talks the whole 30 minutes and she is a hoot!!  I am having a great time with the program.  I am the lucky one!!!  I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such good people and children.”

“My little PAL is so precious.  She started off very shy and has grown so much in such a short time.”

“I look forward to Tuesday’s to see my girls!”

“After only having lunch with my kiddo 3 times, she has already confided in me and shared with me details of her life that I would’ve never told an adult at that age.”

“We have forged a very positive relationship that begins each week with a hug.  My life is better because of the opportunity I have to sit and talk with my Lunch buddy each week.  Our recent conversations have involved everything from why cussing is bad, to understanding the importance of hand washing, and the idea that Santa still comes to your house even if you can’t get a Christmas tree.”