Royal Heights Elementary School Recycling Debate

Screen shot 2014-06-02 at 11.19.33 AMStudents at Royal Heights Elementary School debated on an issue that was on the upcoming Joplin ballot. 5th graders debated on recycling. The 5th graders each took a side concerning the issue. One team was for recycling and discussed the pros, while the others were against it and spoke on the cons. “We had lots of fun activities that involved recycling. And those activities got kids to like recycling, and they were not only for the kids and got them interested, but it was also informational as well,” said Benjamin Wardlow, 5th Grade Debater.

The debate is part of a year-long service learning project and students chose recycling as their challenge for the year. Royal Heights Elementary School has been learning about opinion writing and the 5th graders decided to turn their opinion writing into a debate.  “It gives kids a chance to try something new and get a point. And even if they don’t win, they should still be proud of themselves because they did work really hard to get there,” said Royal Heights 5th Grade Student.   The debaters each took a side of the recycling issue.

“It saves trees, and it doesn’t pollute the air as much with landfills and all the smell because we have landfills, and too much trash,” said Lacey Radcliff, Debater for Recycling.  “I was always just looking at the good part of recycling. But then, I had never realized how bad it is. And we do save, I think that it is more harmful than good,” said 5th Grade Student.  They also discussed the measure for curbside recycling, which was on the upcoming Joplin ballot.  At the end of the debate, students voted if the City of Joplin should start the program. 74% answered yes, while 26% voted no. The students are giving the money they raised recycling to an organization in Joplin to help reduce hunger.  Click here to watch their story!